First April Fool I seen today ?

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First April Fool I seen today ?

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Lately we've been dealing with very heavy traffic due to the lockdowns taking place around the world. In an effort to keep GameBanana online and running smoothly we've introduced 16-Bit Mode, which greatly reduced the amount of yellow bytes sent back and forth between your browser and the GameBanana Communications Array.

In 16-Bit Mode, your browser emulates the rendering engine of a NES console, massively reducing the number of colors and pixels sent and received. When we detect your browser in 16-Bit Mode, your requests are rerouted to GameBanana's Sega Master System which has been retrofitted with a webserver and database. Due to CPU and memory constraints, your browser security features are disabled - however the reduced data use is impressive.

Here are some other things you can do to help reduce bandwidth:

Disable your mouse and navigate using keyboard only
Print out webpages and read them on paper rather than scroll within the browser
Cut out non-essential words when chatting and posting
Place your modem/router higher than your computer/device - when bytes can run downhill they will use less energy

If you have any other low bandwidth tips please post them here!

Although when you click Enable 16 Bit it actually does change the screen, lol.
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